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Lost-wax casting method
Create the mold. Then prepare the wax.
(Injection machine)
Create the fire-resistant shell
(Colloidal silica is mainly
used for the binding material.)
Molding, heat treatment, finishing
Semi lost-wax
casting method
Create the mold (using aluminum).
Then prepare the wax (manually).
Create the fire-resistant shell
(Liquid glass is mainly used for
the binding material.)
Molding, heat treatment, finishing

The difference between lost-wax casting
and semi lost-wax casting

In terms of the level of precision of the dimensions and casting surface, semi lost-wax casting is better than green sand casting, but is inferior to lost-wax casting. Semi lost-wax casting differs from lost-wax casting in the way it is created using a wax cast and fire-resistant shell. For the wax cast, we inject and mold white, low-temperature wax manually without using an injection machine, and for the material, we use aluminum. The method of manufacturing the fire-resistant shell used for wrapping the wax cast differs largely from lost-wax casting. Up to the skin layer, we apply the same coating to the semi lost-wax cast as to the lost-wax cast, but for backup layers, we use a liquid glass water solution and coat, for approximately 10 layers in all. Considering the production cost, ease of mass production, and adequate casting surface, an increasing number of clients are requesting us to manufacture their products through the semi lost-wax casting method.