NC Model Casting
Kochi Kigata Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

Certifie to ISO19001

Head Office and Main Plant

1244-1, Kagamicho-Shimobun, Konan-shi,
Kochi-ken, Japan 781-5452
TEL. 0887-50-3988
FAX. 0887-55-3906

Dalian Office

ganjingzi district spicy 寨東 Street No.7
Dalian, China 116039

We are a comprehensive mold maker, and we produce prototypes which have key roles in every industry, including automobile, construction machinery, agriculture machinery and ship building.


As industrial needs become more sophisticated and diversified, higher quality, shorter delivery time and lower costs have been the most important requirements to be satisfied. However, we do not see these three points as our end goal, but rather the start of our production technology.

We created the FMS (flexible manufacturing system) based on the newest CAD/CAM systems to realize highly efficient production systems which comprehensively control all processes, from designing to production. In the future, with even more delicate and complex shaping specifications required both in designing and production, we plan to further enhance our systems’ functions and efficiency.

Having survived in a market that is set to experience even more fierce competition, we will continue to accommodate even higher requirements from various industries, such as automobile, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and shipbuilding, by further rationalizing and enhancing our production technology, and establishing comprehensive production systems with computer integrated manufacturing.

Further, we plan to be more aggressive in expanding our business by developing our own technologies based on CAD/CAM systems, which we hope will be employed worldwide.

President Masanori Kita

Corporate Profile

Corporate name
Kochi Kigata Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Mar. 10, 1965
Board of directors
President Masanori Kita
Executive Vice-president Yasuko Kita
Senior Managing Director Hiromichi Ido
Executive Managing Director Masayuki Kita
Director Hiroshi Yamanaka
Auditor Risa Kita
Number of employees
34 million yen
Site area Head office Land 14,261.68㎡ Office and factory 7,604.08㎡
Otsu factory Plant 4,082㎡ Building 794,29㎡

Head office and main plant

1244-1, Kagamicho-Shimobun, Konan-shi, Kochi-ken, Japan 781-5452
Tel. +81-887-50-3988 
Fax. +81-887-55-3906

Otsu factory

365-1,Otsu-Ko,Kochi-shi,Kochi-ken,Japan 781-5102

Dalian office

24-2904 Ruyi St., Shahekou District, Dalian 116021, China

Business description All kinds of services pertaining to the production and sales of molds and prototype models
Products Master models
Metal molds
Resin molds
Wooden molds
Cast steel materials
Shell molds
Lost-wax and semi lost-wax casting products
Precision casting products
Laser molding products
DQC (Digital Quick Cast) products
Partner banks Shikoku Bank Ushioe Branch
Shoko Bank Kochi Branch
Tokushima Bank Kochi Branch
Awa Bank Kochi Branch


Mar. 1965 Launched business with the Wooden Mold Department and the Resin Department on 550,000 yen capital
March 1974 Established the Shell Core Department
March 1975 Established the Metal Mold Department
January 1979 Capital increased to 8 million yen
May 1982 Moved to a new factory opened at 356 Otsu-Ko, Kochi-shi
January 1983 Capital increased to 16 million yen
January 1986 Capital increased to 24 million yen
April 1990 Capital increased to 34 million yen
August 1990 With Tokushu Seikosho Co. Ltd., co-established KTK Ltd., a new company to undertake machining projects.
February 2002 Obtained ISO9001 certificate.
November 2002 Completed ISO internal quality auditor training.
May 2003 Obtained ISO9001 auditor qualifications.
May 2013 Moved the head office to 1244-1 Kagamicho-Shimobun, Konan-shi, Kochi-ken.



Affiliated companiesKTK Ltd.


August 1990


1124-1 Kagamicho-Uebun, Konan-shi, Kochi 781-5451
Tel. 0887-55-4344 Fax. 0887-55-4389
Capital 30 million yen
Business description
Machining and mold processing