We can accommodate a wide variety of mass production material molds

We can accommodate a wide variety of requests including aluminum molds, gunmetal molds, shell metal molds, large and small wooden molds, resin molds for casting, super abrasion resistant casting resign molds, specialized shell molds, and more.


One-stop production system

Shell metal molds fabricated by the Material Mold Group are then used for fabrication of casting molds for mass production products by the Shell Mold Group. This integrated and comprehensive manufacturing makes it possible for us to provide higher precision, lower costs, and shorter delivery times.


Technical capabilities of expert craftspeople×cutting edge equipment

We combine the skills, experience, and knowhow developed by our expert craftspeople over many years with cutting edge equipment to maintain a consistent high degree of quality.

Ferrous &
Non-Ferrous molds

Material Mold Group

We utilize our 3D database, which contains many years of design knowhow, to fabricate metal molds with short delivery times. Kochi Kigata Kogyo Co.,Ltd. does not just carry out fabrication and production, we also provide format proposals and deliver added value in order to improve customer productivity. We also maintain the traditional skills and expertise of our craftspeople in combination with the utilization of reverse engineering via 3D scanner, NC turning machines, laser markers, and other cutting edge technologies as we continue to incorporate more digital formats and methods in recent years.

Wooden Patterns

Technical Mold Group

The Kochi Kigata Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Machinery Wooden Mold Department has carried out production of wooden molds for many years since the company's founding.
Large-sized wooden molds are a particular specialty of the department, and we continue to carry out fabrication of new wooden molds through a combination of NC processing machinery and the expert skills of our experienced craftspeople. Our gantry NC router (6000×3500×2200) allows us to carry out processing up to automobile sizes.

Shell Molds

Production capacity: Approximately 20 t/month
Main materials handled: RCS (Resin Coated Sand)

Shell Mold Group

Kochi Kigata Kogyo Co.,Ltd. satisfies customer needs with a diverse lineup of shell machines of different sizes.
We can also handle processing using large-size shell machines (1200/1500 size) not often found at other companies, as well as casting core fabrication using cold box machines.

Research and Development Center

Research and Development

Our company has established a dedicated research and development factory which carries out development and research of new products for each group, activities for new businesses, and prototype development for construction method streamlining.

Prototype casting via aluminum blast furnace

Our company's Research and Development Center is equipped with an aluminum blast furnace, which we use for prototype production and other applications through a precision casting method (digital quick casting) which utilizes laser molding products to eliminate the need for molds.

Equipment list

Groups Name Model Manufacturer Number
Ferrous & Non-Ferrous molds
(Material Mold Groups)
Portal machining center MCV-A Okuma 1
Vertical machining center MC-60VA Okuma 1
Vertical machining center MC6VA Okuma 1
Horizontal machining center MC-6H Okuma 1
Vertical machining center Mirac Corporation 1052 Ⅴ Okuma 1
NC router 1220×700×500 1
3D turning machine 3DT-KT300 Asahikawa Kikai Kogyo, Inc. 1
Fiber laser marker PULSAR F20 AEON 1
Top Solid Kodama Corporation 3
Creo PTC 3
WorkNC Sescoi 1
Wooden Patterns
(Technical Mold Group)
Gantry NC router 6000×3500×2200 RENDER 1
Gantry NC router 3000×2000×1200 RENDER 1
Gantry NC router 3500×2500×1300 2
Woodworking machinery Various types 22
Top Solid Kodama Corporation 3
WorkNC Sescoi 1
Core Molds
(Shell Mold Group)
Shell machine 300 size to 600 size Various types 13
Shell machine 800×1200 size A-1200(Metal mold 800×1200 size) Osakashell Co., Ltd. 1
Shell machine 1500×1500 size TD-1515(Metal mold 1500×1500 size) Toyoshell Co., Ltd. 1
Cold box manufacturing equipment 1
Research and Development Laser molding system SLA7000 3D Systems 1
Melting furnace  1
3D Printer 400×400×400 3
Quality Assurance Department X-ray fluorescence spectrometer ZSX-100S Rigaku Corporation 1
Carbon analyzer EF-110 Horiba Ltd. 1
Brinell hardness tester FBH-01 Fuji Testing Machine Corp. 1
Rockwell hardness tester 3NR Nakai Precision Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. 1
Metal grinder / metallurgical microscope 4XC 1
3 dimensional measurement instrument XM-C1000 Keyence Corporation 1
3 dimensional measurement instrument FARO EDGE FARO Technologies, Inc. 1
Geomagic 3D Systems 1
Poly Works PolyWorks Japan 1
Surface roughness tester SJ-210 Mitutoyo Corporation 1