Company Profile

Business name Kochi Kigata Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Established 3/10/1965
Corporate officers Chairman - Masanori Kita
President - Masayuki Kita
Vice President - Yasuko Kita
Director - Hiroshi Yamanaka
Director - Hiroaki Ido
Auditor - Risa Kita
No. of Employees 35(9/2020)
Capital 34 million yen
Site area Head Office / Lot: 14,261.68 m2
Office/Factory: 7,604.08 m2
Address ■ Head Office & Main Factory 
1244-1 Kagamicho-Shimobun,
Konan-shi, Kochi, 781-5452

■ Dalian Office
7 Xin Feng Jie, Ganjingzi Qu, Dalian Shi,
Liaoning Sheng, China, 116081
Business Description Various mold fabrication and procurement of formed and fabricated materials businesses
Products Metal molds
Machinery wooden molds
Shell molds
Styrofoam models
Master models
Cast steel products, cast iron products, stainless steel products (SC, SCW, FCD, AC, TI)
Semi-lost wax and composite-lost wax and lost wax casting products
Laser molding products
D.Q.C (Digital Quick Casting) products
Banks of Account Shikoku Bank
Shoko Chukin Bank
Awa Bank
Tokushima Taisho Bank
Hata Shinkin Bank

Affiliate Company

Business name KTK Ltd.
Established 8/1990
Address 1124-1 Kagamicho-Kamibun, Konan-shi, Kochi, 781-5451
Tel.+81-887-55-4344 Fax.+81-887-55-4389
Business Description Machining and metal mold processing
Capital 30 million yen


We shall construct and work to continually improve a quality system that allows customers to purchase safely and reliably by ensuring the thorough implementation of quality management and working towards achieving zero complaints and always prioritizing customer trust and satisfaction.

Our company has established a Quality Policy based on the management philosophy "We will dedicate ourselves to high quality mold fabrication in order to satisfy customers and contribute to society". In order to achieve this:

  • We shall establish and develop detailed fiscal year goals for each department.
  • We shall carry out regular review and improvement of these goals.
  • The company president shall ensure the thorough dissemination of knowledge of the Quality Policy and the goals to all employees and ensure that all employees understand and execute their roles.

We shall utilize PDCA as a tool to construct and continually improve the quality system, and work towards achieving a "PDCA improvement spiral" in order to improve product quality and allow for work to be carried out efficiently.

President Masanori Kita

We have acquired Quality Management certifications.

Our company has acquired Quality Management Systems certification in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 international standards for quality management, and will continue to carry out quality management going forward while also continually striving to make improvements.
The Quality Assurance Department utilizes a variety of analysis equipment and measurement instruments to carry out strict checks in order to ensure that product function and performance requirements are fulfilled.


Quality Assurance Department Equipment

Name Model Manufacturer

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer


Rigaku Corporation

Carbon analyzer


Horiba Ltd.

Brinell hardness tester


Fuji Testing Machine Corp.

Rockwell hardness tester


Nakai Precision Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Metal grinder / metallurgical microscope


3 dimensional measurement instrument


Keyence Corporation

3 dimensional measurement instrument


FARO Technologies, Inc.

Geomagic 3D Systems
Poly Works Poly Works Japan

Surface roughness tester


Mitutoyo Corporation