NC Model Casting
Kochi Kigata Kogyo Co.,Ltd.

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Head Office and Main Plant

1244-1, Kagamicho-Shimobun, Konan-shi,
Kochi-ken, Japan 781-5452
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Dalian Office

ganjingzi district spicy 寨東 Street No.7
Dalian, China 116039

The Appeal of Kochi Kigata Kogyo Co.Ltd.

We can achieve an extensive reduction of total cost through a combination of
strategies, such as: centralized control of digital data ranging from the initially
proposed draft designs to master design data used for mass production,
speedy development of prototypes that do not require the physical
creation of sample molds for testing, a decreased manufacturing failure rate,
and a highly efficient production process.


By improving the efficiency, shortening the production time, and decreasing the manufacturing failure rate, we are able to reduce the total cost extensively. We can achieve this because we manufacture molds by taking all the phases of the production process into consideration, from the material selection phase (where we deliberately free ourselves from the conceptual and financial constraints of the mold cost that we normally have to take into account at the very early stage of development), to the later machining and assembly phases.


Centralized control of digital data used for our production allows us to improve work efficiency and slash manufacturing cost.


We can complete the cast production in as short as two weeks through the implementation of Digital Quick Cast (DQC) technology that can be applied to a wide variety of materials like SC, FCD and AC.


Our line of business ranges widely from the production of master models, resin molds, metal molds and shell molds, to semi lost-wax casting and lost-wax casting for DQC. We make our molds available in small lots and in diverse forms, deliver them quickly and assure that they are all high quality, as they represent the guiding principles of our manufacturing technology.

Metal molds
We can provide aluminum molds, gun metal molds, casting molds and shell molds for various companies and types of machinery.
Resin molds
We can provide modeling machines of various companies from prototype molds to mass production molds.
Wooden molds
Our wooden mold division is comprised of qualified instructors and highly seasoned Class 1 and Class 2 specialists in wooden mold craftsmanship. Our team has been vital in maintaining our clients’ trust and the remarkable business achievements of NC Model Cast since its establishment.
Casting materials
Our casting materials come in various sizes and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as construction machinery, agricultural machines, and construction and water systems.
Shell molds
We use an integrated manufacturing process with metal molds to achieve high accuracy and low cost results. We also have some of the largest casting machines in the country, with dimensions of 1200×800 and 1500×1500.
Semi lost-wax casting Lost-wax casting
We handle a wide variety of materials and manufacturing methods, from prototyping to mass production.
DQC (Digital Quick Cast)
This technology can be applied to a wide range of materials including SC, SCW, FC, FCD and AC.